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White Textile Printing Chemicals

Textile Engraving Chemical Of Rotary Printing

APPLICATION: For removal of fluff loose fibers, threads, dirt etc.
from cotton fabrics before printing.

PROPERTIES: Tacky surface, capable of picking up loose
fibres,threads, Fluff, pollen material of fabrics till 2000 meters cloth

PHYSICAL STATE & COLOR: Semi liquid, pourable, white in color

DIRECTION OF USE: If dilution is required then use water apply HI FLUFF X on to rotary screen while using a brush, Dry in oven for 10 to 20 minutes at 100. C when tackiness disappers after long use in service, apply coat of FLUFF X on top of the ole coat. of fluff on top of the oil coat clean brush in butyl acetate.

STORAGE: 12 months

PACKING: 50 Kgs H.D.P.E. carboy


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